The Enz Family - About

Of Württemberg & America

The Enz family emigrated to the US in the mid to late 1800s from the town of Drackenstein, located in the southern region of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

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Drackenstein derived its name from a legend about a Moroccan princess kidnapped by a dragon who held in her captive in a nearby cave. She was freed by a Weisersteig squire after he slayed the beast.

It consists of two villages, Oberdrackenstein, on top of the mountain, and Unterdrackenstein in the valley. The latter has a Catholic Church in addition to a chapel up top for use during bad weather.

Our family begins with Andreas, born to Jakob & Elizabeth Enss on 21 Nov 1810 in Oberdrackenstein. On 16 June, 1837, Andreas  married Anna Maria Daubenshütz, born 30 March 1816 in Oberdrackenstein. (See their ancestry HERE.) They had 9 children:

        Sebastian born January, 1838

        Maria born 12 August 1839, married Joseph KNAUER(?)

        Wilhelmina born 9 August 1840, married John HERBSTER, emigrated in 1884.

        August born 26 July 1843, first of the family to emigrate in 1868.

        Gertrude born 4 August 1847, married John PULVERMILLER, emigrated 1885.

        Christina born 1 September 1852, married Joseph WAGNER, emigrated in in 1890.

        Englebert born 5 October 1853.

        Sophia born 8 November 1855, emigrated in 1890, married Theodore DURSCH

        Josef Andreas born 24 September, 1860, emigrated in 1884.

Englebert stayed on the family farm, passed it on to his son George, who in turn passed it down to his son Hermann, who still lives there!

Three of Christina’s descendants travelled to Drackenstein in 2009 and found Hermann, who happily shared his collection of photos, old letters and other family historical items. Read about it HERE.

You can see the letters HERE and photos HERE. Documents are HERE.

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