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Undated partial letter from Elise Enz to her mother

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(Note: “a.” means “and”)

And in the meantime [I] want to learn sewing. But please do not tell anyone, I want to do everything verbally. Otherwise I would not even be able to start. However, I have valid reasons to leave Kirchheim. I made arrangements with my employer, too, which she reluctantly agreed to. It really does not work out.  It is clear to me that it would kill my heart and my soul. If I would write down everything that I have experienced within the last 14 days, dear mother, you would throw your hands up in horror. I am thinking fleeing and I would do it right away, but my embarrassment and my pride prevent me from it. With 1 month you could say she was not ready to be gone longer than for one month. My resolution is to learn cooking and sewing this winter, so that I can find further employment. Anyway, I learned to cherish my home. I never want to go away again. I want to further my studies in cooking close by, but everything [agreements] verbally. I hope you will not say anything to each other.

It will be to your and to my comfort. Goodbye until New Year’s! Please inquire regarding learning to sew, and please get the eggs and the butter. And please press the dresses I sent to my cousin. I am and always will be your grateful daughter Elis, and affectionate regards to all of you.

It was worth to explore a faraway place and home, too. From now on, I could go away anytime. You just do not see it as long as you are staying home.