The Enz Family - Letters

Of Württemberg & America

August 23, 1923 from Joseph Enz to his brother’s wife

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(Note: “a.” means “and”)

Frau Barbara Enz in Drakenstein

Municipal association Geislingen



Allentown Aug 27, 23.

Dear sister-in-law,

I received your letter and I learned that you saw after my business, thank you for that. In case Josephine, my childhood friend, needs anything, you can sell her something, but at a reasonable price. It’s just that they are poor people.  Poverty is not a crime. Although many people who are poor now were rather arrogant before the war. I am visiting my daughter in a place called Allentown in the mountains. I am here for recreation because I have been ill for three weeks. I am better already.

Regards to you,

Your uncle and brother-in-law Joseph

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