The Enz Family - Letters

Of Württemberg & America

December 20, 1896 from Joseph Enz to his brother Englebert

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(Note: “a.” means “and”)


                                                                                                                                                                     Phila Dec 20, 1896

Dear brother a. sister-in-law!

We received your last letter a. we are glad to hear that you are in good health. We are too, thank God. Dear brother I am very pleased that you are happily remarried, I received one of your pictures, you really got a pretty wife.

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Dear brother you are not a big fan of writing, or you would not leave the writing to your wife, it is difficult to hear the news about outside from you1. Next time I will send you my vacation passport you can keep it outside a. you can send it in whenever it is necessary. Karl Enderle from Gosbach has his [passport] always outside, too, his brother is providing it for him.

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I think you could do the same a. I would not always have the trouble. I send you one dollar bill One Mark for Engelbert Kener one for you a. two for your wife. No news otherwise Joseph Duerner2 still lives with me. Anno 1900 we will be outside for the Paris World Fair3. To close I wish you Merry Christmas a Happy New Year

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Many thousand regards to you all a. to those who ask for me

Your brother a brother-in-law Joseph Enz


Joseph Derner says when you have so pretty sister-in-laws you should send him one he has no wife, too.

This time you will write soon

Blue ink: E [not legible] s many thousand regard to you all [not legible]


1 Outside = overseas

2 Joseph Duerner is probably the same person as Joseph Derner.