The Enz Family - Letters

Of Württemberg & America

April 28, 1894 from Joseph Enz to his brother Englebert

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(Note: “a.” means “and”)

                                                                                                             Fhilada, April 28, (18)94                                 

Dear brother and sister-in-law                                          

I received your last letter and I saw that you are all healthy. Thank god we are also in good health, we always have work, the times are not the best, it has not been so bad since I have been in America. Thousands walk around and would work for food if they could get that. I have lots of news we come together every Sunday and play cards and drink---                                                                             

(end of page 1)

---beer but everything at home since all inns are closed on Sundays. Dear brother you will have heard from brother-in-law Herbter that he was convicted because of selling beer on Sundays nobody is allowed to do that, he got 6 months in jail and a fine of 500 Dollar. It was his own fault, we always warned him, but it was of no use. Dear Brother if Ms. Rosenkranz will visit again---

Extra-sentence on side: Dear brother did you make sure a mass was read on the anniversary of Mother’s death day?         

(end of page 2)

---next summer, I have a favor to ask you. You know perhaps that they had a piece of wood made of several parts, when put together it was one piece. You have to understand correctly what I mean, several pieces of wood half-cut and when put together then it is one. Maybe Isidor still has it. In case you cannot get it, please ask Kämenwirth to make one, pay what it costs. But you have to do it right away before Ms. Rosenkranz comes from Wiesensteig---

Extra-sentence on side: I did not get anything from Breuers.                                                           

(end of page 3)

---I enclose one dollar here so you can pay for it. Dear brother sister Sofie had some misfortune, at first she lost a child 4 weeks old and then one of her boys with 3 years now she also has got a girl with 2 years. Her husband had no work all winter long and is rough to her, he is a half crazy Xanikl.

I will close now, many greetings to everybody farewell goodbye

Your brother and brother-in-law

Joseph Enz

Extra-sentence on side: Write soon so that I know you can get it.                                                   

(end of page 4)


Side view with workshops
Appears like a little castle, 16 rooms. Cost with machines and furniture 10.000 Dollar.