The Enz Family - Letters

Of Württemberg & America

December 10, 1863 from Sebastian Enz to his parents

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(Note: “a.” means “and”)

Eberbach, December 10th 1863

Dear parents,

I received your letter of November 30th together with the packages. I am very happy that you are all well.

I was very delighted about the gift from Engelbert. I can just imagine how much he liked the book that mother brought from Einsiedeln and how much brotherly love it took to give it to me. I was so pleased with it that I kissed it. The wool socks were very much needed, too. I have some unpleasant news: I will leave Eberbach on the 15th of this month.

I was fired on October 2nd, after a small exchange of words. I was told that I was not needed anymore and that I could go whenever I please. I did not receive the money that I saved up this year yet; I would have sent it otherwise.

I have not heard anything from August all summer long. I sent him the letter I took from home. Since I did not receive an answer I did not write a second letter. In my letter I did not say anything else than what I recommended before, that is why I consider his silence naughty. If I will get the position I have in prospect I will send several unnecessary things home; mostly extra books which are too heavy to carry. Please keep those until I need them again.

I will find a place in my old or my new home. It is getting serious with Schleswig-Holstein. There will be no positive results for Germany, however, least of all for the Holsteins. The Prussians and the Austrians will shoot each other just like in ’48 and then go home again.

Kind regards to you and to my siblings, especially affectionate to sweet Engelbert. Always your grateful son and brother Sebastian